RNA/DNA & Amino Acid Sequence Logos

Sequence logo of initiation and polyA site
Sequence logo of donor and acceptor sites of human genes

Positional dependent information contents of aligned RNA/DNA or amino acid sequences are useful for the display of consensus sequences and for finding optimal search windows used in sequence analysis. We developed the program GENIO/logo for the calculation and display of positional dependent information content of nucleotide and amino acid sequences.  The program calculates the positional information content of mono or poly nucleotides/amino acids from a FASTA file of aligned sequences and writes a Postscript (or encapsulated Postscript, EPS) file that can be viewed and included in text processors. The graphs given below show the positional information content of splice sites of human split genes, translation initiation and PolyA site (DNA sequences from GENIO/seq database) .

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Nucleic Acids Res., 18(20):6097-6100, 1990. 
Download the paper here (Postscript file).
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On-line references, software: 
Tom Schneider's delila package.
Tom Schneider's Hompage.
Steven E. Brenner's WebLogo
J. Gorodkin et al., RNA Structure Logos

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GENIO/logo  - Nucleic and Amino Acid Sequence Logos
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GENIO/frame - Frame Shift Analysis and Sequencing Error Detection
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